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We were in ann arbor this past weekend. Mandy was interviewing at the U of M Emergency Medicine residency program. We also hung out with friends, and went to the over the rhine show at the ark. It was good. It was especially good to be able to see becky, to hug her and hold her hand, even though it makes her cry. But we had a good talk, and some silly ann arbor boutique shop experiences. I just wish there was more time to spend with friends. good friends, ones who care. So I raise my glass to those who love much.


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So the whole research group went to the Society of Engineering Science conference in college station, texas. The conference was good, lots of interesting talks, some stuff directly pertaining to my work. Anyway, we went to Houston on tuesday night to get to the airport by 4:30 AM. We were slated to stay at the Days Inn, so we checked in and were going to return the rental car to save the extra day of rental. So, that went all right, and Kevin and I went to the airport to return the car. Kris, Long and Francisco stayed at the hotel. We called the hotel to arrange for a shuttle ride back to the hotel from the airport, and they said 25-30 minutes. Whatever, that’s fine, we still had to get back to the terminal or whatever, so we waited. Two hours we waited until the damned shuttle showed up. That was almost ok, because we got to complain about things and talk a little. The shuttle finally showed up late, and as we walked in front of the van, I couldn’t help but notice that it had gotten in an accident. As Dudley had said, “That cab has a dent in it. And another one there…” So the driver was talkative. Very talkative. He was listening to talk radio about the fires in southern california, and he wanted to convince us that all they needed to do was buy his idea of sprinkler machines that they would just drop into the fire, and it would spray for 20 feet, and they wouldn’t even have to send firefighters. And ditches. Kevin talked to him about that, and all I could do was laugh.

Anyway, at the hotel, we saw Long in the lobby. He said he wasn’t going to go to sleep in that room because it smelled too bad. Shit. So Kevin and I decided to just get as much sleep as possible. We went up to the second floor and the floor was wavy. And it felt like it had holes in it. And the floors were springy. Strike 2? or was that 3? So try to sleep I did. I waited for a while before I got into the threadbare, nasty nasty bed. I decided I’d keep my clothes ON for bed. Socks too. I slept on top of the bed. I also put a tee shirt on top of the pillow so I didn’t have to contact the STD repository, er… pillow. I had to laugh at the hotel, it was too bad. Hilariously bad. This place was such a shit hole.

In the morning, we got our asses out of bed. There was a little black beetle in my bed. Gross. I went to the bathroom, and it was so gross. So gross. So gross. Peed, flushed, washed hands and got the hell out of there. I changed my pants and shirt (I slept in a long-sleeved shirt not to touch the cesspool), and went downstairs to the lobby. We went to the shuttle and put our stuff in the van. I realized that I didn’t have my belt, and checked in my bag. It wasn’t there either. So I said “I have to get something from the room, I think I left something there.” The shuttle driver said “You’re gonna make everyone late”. Sorry, dude, I’m not leaving a 45 dollar (canadian) belt in your shit hole. So I asked for a key to the room and ran up and grabbed it. Ran across the springy holey uneven floors and down the elevator with ceiling panels missing, and through the lobby and into the shuttle van. And away we went, speeding like a bat out of hell to the terminal. Man, he was going fast. I see how that accident happened.

I was just glad to get out of the damn van when we did. I will never stay in a shit hole like that again. It’s not worth it. Not worth it.

I washed, more like scrubbed, my hands in the airport bathroom, and brushed my teeth in there. Everything I looked at was filthy. Like I had conditioned myself not to touch anything. I did that until I got home and showered. I washed everything that I brought to the conference. Nasty nasty nasty.

So if you’re ever in Houston, staying at the airport, I wholeheartedly reccomend the Days Inn in Greensport. Or whatever city that was. You’ll know it by the 2 hour wait at the airport, the accident that you get in, the idiot driver, the wavy dirty springy floors, the threadbare bed, the scabies you get, the driver that yells at you for making everyone late, and the post-traumatic stress disorder you get from staying there.

Four stars!

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Sorry folks, but this might be a little bit of a catharsis for me. (It’s very long)

So I flew in to Detroit on Monday afternoon, around 4:30 PM, and got picked up by Pete Lillie’s mom, Joan. Pretty awesome, huh, calling on old friends when in need. (more…)

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I went to Indiana this past weekend, and saw 4 innovative, talented artists/bands. In order of appearance, David Bazan, Danielson, My Brightest Diamond and Sufjan Stevens (and the Butterfly Brigade). I slept only a few moments each night, but that didn’t stop me from having a damned good time. My sincere thanks to Matt, Dan, Paul, Bobby and Ryann for letting me have this music extravaganza of a weekend. Pictures will be posted soon… Keep watching this space.

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I'm going to the midwest again. Gonna drive my car halfway across the country and back. Mandy and I are going to Bloomington, IN on Thursday evening for an Over the Rhine concert.

The guest list:

  • Thursday: Bobby Nacke, Matt Carroll, Mandy Robar, Janice Hung, Todd Trabert, Joan Walker, Janet Bellisari
  • Friday: Matt, Mandy, Janice, Todd, Courtney
  • Saturday: Matt, Mandy, Janice, Todd, Courtney, Becky, Chelsea, Julie (Mission year team)
  • Sunday: Matt, Todd, Janice, Courtney, Mandy, Adam
  • Monday: Kyle, Becky, Andy


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another whirlwind tour

Got back earlier tonight. I feel like I accomplished something this week, because of the traveling that we all did.

I guess there was a day 0, in which I hung out with al stien, sam grooms, and carrie bishop. I have updated the post to reflect this.


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tomorrow. So glad… I was getting very lonely here in this apartment. I'm cleaning up for her. I need to do dishes too.

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