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I went to Indiana this past weekend, and saw 4 innovative, talented artists/bands. In order of appearance, David Bazan, Danielson, My Brightest Diamond and Sufjan Stevens (and the Butterfly Brigade). I slept only a few moments each night, but that didn’t stop me from having a damned good time. My sincere thanks to Matt, Dan, Paul, Bobby and Ryann for letting me have this music extravaganza of a weekend. Pictures will be posted soon… Keep watching this space.


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Good album. I suggest you take a listen, all you sufjan stevens/over the rhine/jeff buckley/pedro the lion fans out there. Firstly, the songs are spacey; kind of etherial. Makes for very interesting elaborations. There's a fair amount of stuff that plays around with electronica, which I think I really enjoy. Not the full blown electronica, but the stuff that's based on well-written melodies, really cool hooks and the like. The melodies are simple, and stem from the folk and surf guitar lines. It also helps that these musicians are easy to respect. So I raise my glass to you, Tim and Jeff. I hope you enjoyed this album as much as we all did.

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I just started using pandora, on recommendation from Matt.

I realized that the music I really like is the talking heads and the violent femmes. And everything else relates to them. I just added them to a playlist, and said I hated the crappy 80s stuff that they played at first, and then I started getting really good music. (more…)

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