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We were in ann arbor this past weekend. Mandy was interviewing at the U of M Emergency Medicine residency program. We also hung out with friends, and went to the over the rhine show at the ark. It was good. It was especially good to be able to see becky, to hug her and hold her hand, even though it makes her cry. But we had a good talk, and some silly ann arbor boutique shop experiences. I just wish there was more time to spend with friends. good friends, ones who care. So I raise my glass to those who love much.


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I'm going to the midwest again. Gonna drive my car halfway across the country and back. Mandy and I are going to Bloomington, IN on Thursday evening for an Over the Rhine concert.

The guest list:

  • Thursday: Bobby Nacke, Matt Carroll, Mandy Robar, Janice Hung, Todd Trabert, Joan Walker, Janet Bellisari
  • Friday: Matt, Mandy, Janice, Todd, Courtney
  • Saturday: Matt, Mandy, Janice, Todd, Courtney, Becky, Chelsea, Julie (Mission year team)
  • Sunday: Matt, Todd, Janice, Courtney, Mandy, Adam
  • Monday: Kyle, Becky, Andy


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Lookie here! Over the Rhine's song Born was on the last scene of BONES on fox. I've never seen the show. Anyway, OtR is getting more recognition. Good, because they deserve it.

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Received Over the Rhine's Live from Nowhere in the mail a couple days ago.  I just thought I'd post about it.  I'm not sure where all the songs came from, but I think a couple came from the taft, 2005, and a couple from the same, 2004.  One little clip at the end was from the Norwood show the sunday after the taft this year.  You know, the one I inagurated my blog with?  Matt and I were at the 2004 taft show, which was damn good.  Also, we ate ethiopian food afterward, in some strange hole-in-the-wall establishment that we didn't really know if they were serving food, and music played so loudly we couldn't hear the waiter (if you could call him that).  Good memories though, and pretty good food.  (more…)

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I just started using pandora, on recommendation from Matt.

I realized that the music I really like is the talking heads and the violent femmes. And everything else relates to them. I just added them to a playlist, and said I hated the crappy 80s stuff that they played at first, and then I started getting really good music. (more…)

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I’m wired

I wired one amp up. The treble amp. Pretty dope, eh?

Warning: Technical Mumbo Jumbo Ahead (more…)

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So, there's another show on Archive.org of over the rhine. From Dec. 10th. It's very good recording quality, taken from the soundboard and audience mics. If you listen to anything, listen to "White Horse" and "Trouble." The link to the site is in my links sidebar thingy.
If you were wondering, Linford is a "Son of a Preacher Man." Makes more sense when you realize that, eh?

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